Recognized Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife 5 Steps

Recognized Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife in 5 Steps 4.94/5 (82)

Concern to molvi ji for dua to make husband come back to wife. Married life is a complicated life. It is in a way full of ups and downs, compromises and new challenges. A girl marrying the boy is full of hopes when she leaves her house. Marriage as an institution is unique and auspicious across religions is it Islam or any. But, unfortunately whatever preparation is made ends the day a marriage ends as no guide book helps in guiding the couple through the challenges of their relation.

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The society in which we live in expects the girl to make all the compromises after the marriage, even her parents. Her upbringing is done in a way in which from the very beginning she learns to compromise her needs, let go her expectations etc. in many Muslim countries there is concept called Majazi Khuda; it is being used for husbands who are considered as the god of the wives. Before I proceed, let me make it clear at first that in Islam there is no such thing like Majazi Khuda. Our Prophet has prescribed importance to the husband but never called him god as in islam there is only one god and that is Allah. I have mentioned this here because, many women, including you, are fooled by this.

Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife

Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife

Being the wife does not necessarily mean you should always be at the losing end. But, love is something which makes us go back every time, even if it is about calling the husband back. Man has a fragile ego. Most of the times, he takes decisions impulsively. There are many cases in which husbands have left their wives, when they are not able to give them a child, when their mother brainwashes them or they got involves in other woman.

Dua to make my husband come back to me

If you are that wife whose husband has left her for all these reasons, then I am sure this article will certainly help you. A cheating woman is never accepted back but a cheating husband is always accepted back by his wife. That is Allah has made the woman, as she is the kind and patient one.

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Allah knows all your troubles and your deepest desires. If you really want your husband back, no matter what he has done or for what reasons he has left you. Allah will surely help you get him back. He will make your husband come back to you and instill love for you in his heart. Allah is the most powerful and beneficent, he knows your best. All you have to is to ask, communicate your troubles with him as he values your desire to reach out to him. There are many surahs in Quran which you can recite to mend your broken relation.

Dua to make my husband come back:-

It is better from now on, you get regular with your namaz. Knock Allah’s door daily he will surely open his doors for you and show the right way.

Dua for husband to come back home

The method to perform most useful dua to get husband back is as follows:-

  • First read durood shareef for 11 times before reciting the dua,

Ya hayyu ya qayyumu bi rahmatika istageeth” meaning O living, O sustainer, in your mercy I seek your relief.

  • Now, once again read, durood shareef for 11 times

Now, make dua to Allah for you wish, read it as much as you can, preferably after every salah and Allah will help you reunite with your husband. He will surely come back to you.

Islamic dua to get your husband back in 9 Steps

Islamic dua to get your husband back in 9 Steps

You can also recite, Surah Fatiha to bring your husband back to you the very instant. The procedure for Islamic dua to get your husband back is listed below:-

  1. Make fresh ablution (Wudu)
  2. Do not talk to anyone while performing this procedure
  3. Take a white sheet of paper and write surah Fatiha on it.
  4. After completing the surah, write the name of your husband below it.
  5. Now, read durood shareef for 11 times, read surah fatiha for 313 times.
  6. Once again read durood shareef for 11 times.
  7. Blow it on the paper on which you have written the surah.
  8. Keep it in a safe place.
  9. Repeat it on the daily basis.


Pray to Allah and he will certainly listen to you, deliver you from this problem of yours, will bring your husband back with a lot of love for you in his heart.

Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife

Dua to Make Husband Come Back to Wife

As a married couple both are expected to be the mature beings. They are not expected to fight on trivial issues. And, cheating in Islam is a punishable offence, if a husband has left his wife for another woman, even if his wife forgives him he will be punished for his crimes in one way or the other. Allah will never forgive him and on the Day of Judgment all his deeds will be revealed in front of his family.

Dua to get husband back from another woman

A woman heart is the kindest of all, even after her husbands’ neglect she looks for his love. Pray for him to come back and in cases where there are children, then because of one person a lot people suffer. In case he doesn’t come back, then leave him for good as from that moment on without you even asking, Allah gets on the task to guard. He will protect you.

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You are the woman of 21st century, so please act like one. If it is your fault then go to any length to bring back your husband. But, if it isn’t, then stop taking everything on you, simply stop blaming yourself. Remember, it is your choice which matters to Allah. But, you should learn to stand for you self and not let a man abuse you or torture you for small things.

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I wish your husband come back to you soon, but as changed man with more care and love for you in his heart. Take a very good care of yourself. Allah is always there for you and so is law. You have all the right to live a happy life and not to suffer day and night. May Allah bless you always. Ameen.


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