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Black Magic Solution Specialist Maulana

Use Black Magic Solution Specialist Maulana or molvi ji in UK is our another services, our islamic expert also provide you advice in USA under the name of molvi ji in USA. if you are stay in Canada then you have our black magic specialist molvi ji in Canada.

Dua to Find Out Who is Doing Magic?

Black Magic Solution Specialist Maulana

Black Magic Solution Specialist Maulana


Our Black magic solution specialist maulana provides Islamic and Quranic solution to all your problems. You can avail of his services from all over the world.

In this regard, learn these facts;

  • Write an appropriate dua on a paper. Then, tear it into four equal parts. Now, read Allahusamad for 101 times on the torn papers. After that, throw them in flowing water. Water will surely remove all kinds of evil. The Taweef cannot create a spell on the victim again.
  • Again, recite the 82nd chapter from Quran diligently. You should also recite the 99th chapter before you go to bed at night. These are powerful against black magic. They will remove harmful spells cast on you.
  • You can also recite Surah-al-Araf (verses 54-56). It will destroy the negative effects of black magic. Again, recite the 35th verse of Surah-al-Qasas 7 times. Do it after tahajjud prayers daily. After Fajr prayers, recite the last part of the 87th verse of Surah-al-Anbiya. Do it for 121 times every day for 40 days. You can even read a famous verse 15 times Also, do it after two rakat cycles for 730 times.
  • Furthermore, recite the 68th and 69th verses of Surah Taha for 100 times. Also, read Durood Shareef thrice before and after this. Do it for 11 days continuously. Then, blow on yourself. You can also write it down on paper. Keep it with you as a taweez.

Therefore, you should consult a black magic solution specialist maulana for expert guidance.

Black Magic Specialist Molvi Ji In The UK

Black Magic Specialist Molvi Ji In The UK, You can even contact a black magic specialist molvi ji in the UK. Through online services, he can help you to overcome all evils.

For this reason, learn these points;

  • You can perform this wazifa at any time. After ablution recites Ayat-ul-kursi for 11 times. Then, say Ya Qahhaar for 1836 times. Then, recite Surah Naas for 11 times. After that blow on a glass of water and drink it. Do it continuously for seven times.
  • Again, recite seven times ayat-ul-kursi. Also, recite the last verse of Surah Bakrah for seven times. Besides, read Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, Surah Kaafiroon, and Surah Ikhlas for seven times each. Then, recite Durood-e-Taaj for seven times. Finally, blow it on yourself or the victim.
  • Moreover, you can color a white cloth piece with turmeric mixed water. Then, cut it into 40 small pieces. At night, light up one piece where the victim sleeps. Do it daily for 40 days. Allah will remove the ill-effects of black magic.
  • Again, on the 1st Friday, recite the 10th verse of Surah Nuh for seven times. Do it after your everyday Isha Then, recite the 68th verse of Surah Taha for 101 times. Again, read Surah Nuh. Then, blow on a black thread. After that, tie it on your left ankle. However, do it on Jumma before sunset. Also, avoid black clothes while praying.

As you can see, you can get similar benefits from black magic specialist movli ji in the UK.

Black Magic Specialist Molvi Ji In The USA

Black magic specialist molvi ji in the USA can help you with a perfect cure for your problems. Even if you are in the USA you can get rid of it.

In this respect, learn these steps;

  • You should do ruqyah to remove the black magic spell from yourself. You should say it in Arabic. Remember to continue it till the end. You can’t leave it in-between. Also, I have strong determination. Stay away from negative views and comments. You should do it with the correct pronunciation. Also, follow the exact rules. Molvi Ji can help you with its procedure. He can provide immediate protection from evil effects.
  • Again, recite Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, and Surah Ikhlas. Do it after your Fajr and Maghrib Also, you should do it before you go to bed. Also, recite ayat-ul-kursi after every prayer and before sleep. You can even say Bismillah on five occasions like entering the house, eating, undressing, going to the toilet and sexual intercourse. Again, cover the pictures and statues in your home.
  • At first, perform two rakat prayer cycles. Then, read ishtighfar for 100 times. Also, do salawat for 100 times. Then, recite Surah Yasin, Surah Sad and Surah Qaf Even, say the last verse of Surah-al-Hashr for 21 times. Also, read Surah-al-Zalzalah for 41 times. Finally, seek refuge in Allah from harmful black magic effects.

Therefore, you can overcome evil effects correctly with help from a black magic specialist molvi ji in the USA.

Black Magic Specialist Molvi Ji In Canada

Black magic specialist molvi ji in Canada offers expert solutions with immediate effect. Hence, you can avail of his remedies if you are in Canada.

Accordingly, understand these points;

  • You can do ruqyah as a cure for every evil upon you and your family. Even after you receive healing, you should continue doing it. Do it with accurate pronunciation. Adhere to the rules from the Quran. Perform self-discipline as well. You should trust the process. Also, stay away from negativity.
  • Again, say Bismillah Also, recite each of Surah Fatiha, ayat-ul-kursi, and Surah Baqrah thrice. Besides, read Surah Naas, Surah Falaq and Surah Ikhlas each for three times. Then, blow on a glass of water. Also, spit into the water bottle. After that, drink it in the morning, in the evening and at night. You can also spray it in every corner of your house.
  • Furthermore, remove the shells of 3 boiled eggs. Then, write the 71st verse of Surah-al-Kaf with saffron on one egg. Give them to the victim to eat on the 2nd write 30th verse of Surah-al-Anbiya. Again, write the 29th verse of Surah-al-Fath on the 3rd Moreover, you can write 47th and 48th verses of ad-Dariyat on an olive leaf. After that, you should offer it to the victim.
  • After tahajjud prayers, recite the 35th verse of Surah-al-Qasas for seven times. You can also read 54-56 verses of Surah-al-Araf.

Hence, you should consult a black magic specialist molvi ji in Canada.

Surah Baqarah To Cure Black Magic

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