23 Best Explained Way to Make Your Dua Accepted

Best Way to Make Your Dua Accepted
Best Way to Make Your Dua Accepted

Dua is great because you are calling directly to Allah, you are in a beautiful and intimate conversation with the person who created yourself, and you are asking the Almighty for everything your heart desires. As recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, it is a good habit to live your life according to Dua. We not only  ask Allah for worldly things, but we also thank him, praise Allah, and ask for forgiveness. It also reminds us that Dua itself is a form of worship.

23 Situations When Your Dua Is Accepted Step by Step:-

  1. The students have referred to that in case you discover yourself in any of the conditions below, it is right to your dua to be time-honoured.
  2. A individual who has been wronged or oppressed.
  3. A individual who’s going through a intense trouble after a calamity.
  4. A individual who’s traveling.
  5. A individual who’s fasting.
  6. A lady in labour pain.
  7. A individual who’s reciting or completed reciting the Quran.
  8. A individual who’s acting Hajj or Umrah.
  9. A individual who makes dua for a person of their absence (while you make dua for a person of their absence, says, “Ameen and to you”).
  10. A individual who’s in a nation of remembrance of Allah frequently.
  11. A individual who’s a simply ruler.
  12. Times When Your Dua Is Accepted
  13. Students have referred to those instances as first-class for dua to be time-honoured and is the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH.
  14. The early morning hours (the final part of the night-time till the begin of fajr – divide the night-time among maghrib and fair into 3 parts).
  15. After the adhan,during the salah
  16. After the compulsory prayers. A time frame on a Friday (a few students say it’s far whilst the Imam sits down among the 2 khutbahs, and a few say it’s far the final time frame earlier than Maghrib).
  17. When waking up at night-time, after acting wudu.
  18. Before consuming the waters of Zamzam.
  19. During the month of Ramadan.
  20. During laylat-ul-Qadr.
  21. While travelling the sick.
  22. When rain falls.
  23. At locations which include Mecca, Arafat, and Medina (whilst one is going for hajj)

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