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Dua To Make Relationship Stronger

Dua To Make Relationship Stronger, Often some clichés appear to convey the something quite correct. It is said ‘marriages are made in Heaven’. The sense behind this adage is that having a smooth marital relationship is beyond the control of the two partners involved in it.

Dua To Make Relationship Stronger

Dua To Make Relationship Stronger

There is a super power above that finally decides everything. As far as Muslims are concerned, Allah is everything and it is only with His mercy that you live the life you do. Therefore, if your relationship develops any issues, then you turn to Allah and say the appropriate dua to make relationship stronger.

Relationships of Many Kinds – As human beings, men and women develop many relationships throughout their lives. Each has its own significance.  Within the family, there are the parents, then the siblings and then the neighbors and friends in the locality you live in and so on.

Dua for good relationship

As you grow, you develop personal friendships at school, college or the place of work. And then, the life-long association as married partners or husband and wife, the most important and perhaps the most difficult relationship is formed and developed.

The dua to make relationship stronger can be done for any of these relationships. There could be relationships beyond the ones mentioned here. Even those can be covered by the dua.

How Dua Helps in Solving the Problems

Whether it is the dua to make relationship stronger or any other dua, you perform as per the tenets of Islam, they are meant to make an appeal to God to heed your prayers and reverse the situation. Relationships are built on trust and love.

When these two are challenged, one or both the persons in the relationships can start having misgivings and the relationship sours. Allah’s blessings are sought to correct this misunderstanding.

A dua consists of special prayers with an appeal to Allah to change the heart of the other person and turn it positive towards you.

You Have to Perform Your Part as Well

Many people not familiar with these rituals like dua and wazifa think that they can perform this and everything will be back to normal. It does not work like that.

If you are a Muslim and know the basic rules to be followed in the Faith, the impact of your dua will be available to you only if you follow these to the core. If you fail to do your duty to the religion and just say a dua, you cannot expect it to bring you the desired results.

This needs to be clearly borne in mind whenever you perform a dua for any purpose. Besides this, there are also specific directives to be observed during the procedure and they have also to be strictly followed.

The Dua for Better Relationship

Here is one dua you can recite to make a relationship stronger:

“RabbanainnakajamiAu-alnnasiliyawmin la raybafeehi, innaAllaha la yukhlifualmeeAada”

Please note this is in Arabic but written in English text. You must be able to pronounce this exactly as it is said in the original language it is framed.

In case you are not sure how this is recited in the original form seek the assistance of someone who knows. It can be a religious personality like a Molvi or a regular Islamic scholar who is an expert in the teachings of the Quran.

In Islam, a dua is performed in a certain disciplined manner. That is the only way Allah will ever take cognizance of your prayers. As a devout Muslim, you may be aware of these, but are recollected here for the benefit of those who may tend to overlook.

Dua for strong relationship

The dua is to be performed at a clean place. You must sit on a mat as you would do for your regular prayer. After it must preferably face the direction of the Kiblah while reciting the dua. You must remain in total ablution. Preferably, you can have a bath before the dua, and wear freshly washed clothes.

These make you physically prepared for the dua. Now, you must be entirely focused on what you are doing. To begin with, your faith in Allah must be total and you should be confident that He will find the solution to all your problems. While reciting the dua to make relationship stronger, you must bring forth to your thoughts, the other person in the relationship you wish to strengthen.

Dua for relationship problems

Lastly, the best way is to recite some Surahs before and after the main dua is recited. The Molvi you consult or the expert can advise you the best Surah for the particular application. The recommended process is 3 times the Surah, then 101 times the dua as above and then the Surah three times again.

The ideal time to perform the dua is the evening, immediately after the Maghrib. Both men and women can perform this dua. If both you and your partner feel a third person is unnecessarily influencing your relationship, you can say the dua to make relationship stronger together. Allah will change that person’s thinking and happiness will return to your lives.

Other General Advice on Dua

A dua is performed with a positive objective in mind. If you wish to repair a relationship, you must not indulge in wishing negative for anybody. Even in a situation referred above, where you know that someone is interested in seeing that your relationship is spoiled, you dua must be targeted at bringing the person to think positively and not wishing anything negative or bad. If you fail to follow these, there is a possibility the effects of what you do can result in unwanted situations.

Instead of improving things, it could send a wrong signal. There are always people around you wanting to offer you the wrong advice. Don’t listen to them. If you sincerely believe in Allah and recite the dua perfectly, He will offer you the best course. In the rare cases where the relationship itself may not be in your long-term interest, your dua performed correctly may lead to a complete and smooth break in the relationship. You must believe this is possible.

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