4 Powerful Ways to Praise Allah Before Making Dua

How to praise allah before making dua? When we worship this Ramadan to the fullest, Dua is an important act that we can never miss. Which will guide you to making a dua, including etiquette for preparing the dua, what to include in your dua, and what our attitude towards the dua should be!

But there is a beautiful etiquette to make a dua that prepares you spiritually and spiritually for this important worship in  Allah.

4 Powerful Ways to Praise Allah Before Making Dua

4 Powerful Ways to Praise Allah Before Making Dua

How to praise allah before making dua step by step:-

1: Run Wudu

It is not mandatory to do wudu before dua but doing Wudu is a way to cleanse yourself and get into the right way of thinking to talk to Allah.

Abu Musa al-Ashali said that after the Battle of Hunayn, the Prophet sought water, played Wudu, and raised his hand. “Allah! Forgive Ubaid Abi Amir!”

2: Face Qibla

Again, it is not mandatory to face Qibla while doing a dua. However, the Prophet sometimes did this, as explained in the following narration.

3: Raise your hand

Raising our hand in Dua is the sunnah with a very beautiful meaning behind it! It’s a good idea to remember the following hadith every time you raise your hand.

4: Call  Allah in a low voice

Abu Musa al Ashari said: Said the prophet. He should be kind to himself. You are not calling for the deaf or absent but begging for all the listeners and all.

The hadith above reminds us that when you make a private dua, Allah is always close to us and doesn’t have to be noisy! As Allah said, “Remember your Lord in your tongue and in yourself, humbly, with fear,  in the morning and afternoon, without yelling. To the lazy. Must not be.

This is true not only in our private rooms, but also when we do a dua in Masjid-it’s better not to disturb the people around us. We often get emotional and start crying-and the Prophet was crying during the Dua! -But when we speak, we need to be careful to keep the bass in a very proper way.

How to praise allah before making dua

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