Powerful Manzil Dua for Protection from Black Magic 5/5 (16)

Manzil Dua for Protection from black magic

Manzil dua to solve all problems and get protection from black magic [sihr]- Enmity is as old has a friendship and companionship. Love and Hatred have been influencing human relationships since the days of Adam. Those who stray from Allah’s path, get engulfed in the darkness of evil and sin. They nurse greed, lust and revenge in them instead of selflessness, love, and forgiveness. Such individuals go to any extent to harm others. And one of the most potent and dangerous forms of revenge is casting an evil spell on someone. If you suspect you have such an enemy who could harm you or your loved ones. You must resort to using the manzil dua for protection immediately.

Manzil Dua for Protection

Manzil Dua for Protection

Often, jealousy, greed, lust, and revenge are the main causes of enmity. It usually doesn’t matter if you have done anything wrong or not. What matters is if the enemy holds you responsible for their pain and sorrow. And to get even with you or even to punish you, they may seek help from a molvi and cast an evil spell upon on. The nature of this spell depends entirely on how badly the enemy wants to hurt you. The loss in business, trouble in relationships and even psychological attack has been attempted by those who resort to Black Magic.

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Dua e manzil treatment for black magic

At times some of these spells even lead to death. Depending upon how powerful the spell is often it is not easily noticeable. By the time you figure it out, the damage is done, leaving you helpless and shattered. The only way out of this mess is by using the dua e manzil treatment for black magic as soon as you suspect an evil spell.

The effects of Black Magic will be very apparent. The victim will show signs of physical, emotional, and mental transformation almost instantly. Personal life will be hampered, and business will go for a toss. They will show all signs of insanity and out of character behavior. They will indulge in acts of self-destruction or might even harm others around them. The only cure in such a case is to use the dua e manzil treatment for black magic. Since the victim may not be able to perform this ritual, someone in the family will have to do it.

By performing the manzil dua for protection from black magic sihr you will not just safeguard the victim but also every other member of the family. The dua e manzil treatment for black magic is effective against all forms of Black Magic such as ruqya, jinn, sihr, witchcraft, evil eye and any other kind of sorcery. The manzil protection from black magic guards from evil forces that may haunt you and your family.


In order to use this dua, you must be a staunch believer of Allah doing 5 times of obligatory prayer.The manzil dua for protection must be recited once in the morning and once in the evening for 14 consecutive days.

  1. You need to recite verses 1 to 7 of chapter 1 from Surah Al-Fatihah
  2. Anyone can recite verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286 of chapter 2 from Surah Al-Bakarah
  3. Although recite verses 18, 26 and 27 of chapter 3 from Surah Al-Imran
  4. Recite verses 54 to 56 of chapter 7 from Surah Al-A’araf
  5. Must recite verses 110 and 111 of chapter 17 from Surah Al-Israa
  6. Recite verses 115 to 118 of chapter 23 from Surah Al-Muminoon
  7. Try to recite verses 1 to 11 of chapter 37 from Surah Al-Saaffaat
  8. then recite verses 33 to 40 of chapter 55 from Surah Al-Rehman
  9. Must Recite verses 21 to 24 of chapter 59 from Surah Al-Hashr
  10. Need to Recite verses 1 to 4 of chapter 72 from Surah Al-Jinn
  11. Try to Recite verses 1 to 6 of chapter 109 from SurahAl-Kaafiroon
  12. Sure Recite verses 1 to 4 of chapter 112 from SurahAl-Ikhlas
  13. Must Recite verses 1 to 5 of chapter 113 from SurahAl-Falaq
  14. Need to Recite verses 1 to 6 of chapter 114 from SurahAl-Naas

Black Magic is a powerful form of skill that is developed after years of practice. A Black Magic Tantric draws on malevolent and psychic powers used to possess and dominate any individual at whim. To defend against such dark and dangerous sorcery, the only solution is manzil dua for protection.

Manzil protection from black magic

Obviously, it is not an easy task to face such a skilled enemy without proper practice. Although the manzil protection from black magic, if performed right, can protect anyone. But the challenge is to do it right. Which is why it is strongly recommended that you consult an Islamic Expert Astrologer before you set out to use the manzil protection from black magic.The best form of remedy from any kind of Black Magic is to get an energized Taveez from the Islamic Astrologer for yourself and your family. This Taveez is obtained by performing the manzil dua for protection, under strict conditions and hence bears Allah’s grace and protection. As long as you and family are wearing this holy Taveez, no evil force will be able to harm you. And if anyone in the family is already a victim, will be able to recover from the effects of Black Magic.

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