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Dua for Naik Hidayat Someone

Dua for hidayat or hidayah someone is very effective if you are looking for the guidance of someone from your family or friends. You certainly want to perform this dua with a desire for his or her to come back on the right track.  You can use this dua for the person who has gone away from the teachings of Islam. If someone dear to you is going on the wrong track then you should use this dua for his welfare. Anyone can perform this dua as a child can request for his parents hidayat. You can also request this dua for the spouse, friend or siblings.

Dua for Hidayat Someone

Dua for Hidayat Someone

Nowadays you can easily see your kids getting influenced by other cultures which keep them away from own religion. Your kids or your siblings have no interest in practicing what Islam teaches us to do. Moreover, your near ones are getting into bad habits under the influence of foreign customs and ideologies. If there is a delay in stopping them then the situation will become worse. Such habits can destroy the entire life of your near ones. Hence the best way to keep them away is to try Dua for hidayat someone.

Dua for hidayah for someone

When your kids are into bad habits it is very much possible that they become drug addicts, alcoholic, gambler, etc. these habits are very harmful to a healthy personal and social life. Besides that, these habits will make them criminals and they have to face the laws. Because of their bad actions, they start losing getting love from the family. Moreover, our society also not accepts such people among them. People treat them as bad persons and do not want their kids to mix up with them. Moreover, people around you will also be held responsible for their bad actions. At that time you should take the help of dua for hidayah for someone for treating their actions.

It is now your concern about how to make your kids or spouse connect with Allah. Dua for hidayah for someone is a very effective solution for you at that time. The words of the dua will leave a great impact on the mind of the wanderers. Such people will start turning away from bad habits and actions slowly with the effects of dua. Their actions will no longer be a cause of concern for you. Besides that, they will start spending time in offering their prayers and connecting with Allah. They will realize what they have been doing so far and will promise not to repeat the bad actions.

If you have to bring the wanderers to the right track then you have to make sure they Ta’leem (kitab reading) regularly at home. This Ta’leem will bring great benefits to the entire family. In modern times, there are many things available that can have a negative impact on the mind of your kids. These are television, internet, social media etc. which modern kids use as a time pass. Your kids waste their important time in chatting and surfing the internet. This is the reason they are spending less time on their studies and getting poor marks. If your efforts are not working you should certainly try Dua for hidayah someone.

Dua for naik hidayat

People especially your kids learn a lot from what they see in the advertisement. There is no surprise if your young daughter demands modern and cheap clothing style. You certainly understand the ill effect of modern style on your daughter. But it is tough for you to make your daughter understands your concern. Your daughter is rigid and stubborn and will not accept your advice easily. This is certainly a very tough time for you but you have the option of Dua for naik hidayat. This solution will bring a positive change in the behavior of your daughter. Moreover, this solution will make your daughter obedient and she will do what you say.

Of course, it will surprise if you see a drastic change in your kids. Your religious and Allah fearing kids are slowly moving away from religion. Moreover, they are taking interest in doing things which you cannot accept. You should blame the modern culture and environment for making them wandering. But only blaming the circumstances will do no good to console you. If you do not put a stop you have to face disastrous results. Besides that, these results will come in the form of insults and disrespect from family and friend. Before it is too late you should make use of dua for naik hidayat.

Dua for husband hidayat

The continuous bad actions of your loved ones are nothing less than a disease. And you very well know that doctors are not going to help you in fighting these diseases. Then what options or solutions you have to save your dignity. The best solution at this time is the use of dua for husband hidayat. You should make a dua for the person for whom who wants to do hidayat. You should be ready to help with this dua if you hear the need for someone else. All you have to recite is Allahumma al-himnirushdi, waa`idhni min sharrinafsi as part of the dua for husband hidayat.

Someone here means any person you want to come back on the right path. If you are performing this dua for someone then it is a very good sign. This means that you have concern for others and want them to follow the correct path in their path. It is very easy for anyone to deviate from the right path. But it is your duty to put efforts to bring such people back on the right path. Never lose hope to make them realize their bad actions.

You should leave such people to commit more and more harm by their actions. Try to take the help of what your religion teaches you for such problems. With the effect of this dua such people will certainly get the ability to do good deeds in their life. Allah will certainly guide them and inspire them for doing good deeds.


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