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Islamic Dua For Husband Wife Problem Solution

Islamic dua for husband wife problem solution is work for reconciliation between husband and wife. If your marriage life is in trouble then use this dua to remove differences and misunderstanding between husband and wife.

Dua for husband and wife to get back together or for husband and wife problems can be use to increase love between husband and wife. We will provide you dua for married couple having problems.

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Your relation with your spouse is based on the bond of love. Above all, it is a lifelong commitment to which you both want to stick to. Generally, marriage is seen as a social affair in our society. However, in reality, it’s the coming together of two souls.

Islamic Dua For Husband Wife Problem Solution

Islamic Dua For Husband Wife Problem Solution

Marriage in the first place is a pious relation that you enter with the one you love. The purity of the relation brews from the emotional connect and love for each other. Thus, the base of marriage happens to be the soul to soul connection that you share with your spouse.

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However, many a time this bond of love between husband and wife gets affected. In this case, the situation goes to the extent of divorce. Well, it’s apparent that you wouldn’t want your marriage to go that way.

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So, what can be done to avoid normal husband-wife conflicting from brewing up? What are the options at your dispense? These questions are bound to pop in your mind.

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Islamic Dua for husband wife problem solution is the answer to all such queries. You can get your married life back on track as a result of performing this dua. The dua works effectively in all such cases.

The process to perform Islamic dua for husband wife problem solution is as follows:

  1. Perform Wudu in the first place
  2. Wear fresh and clean clothes
  3. To begin with, take a piece of cloth
  4. Next, take the sandalwood oil
  5. Now, soak the piece of fabric in the oil
  6. Let it drench completely
  7. Afterward, recite Surah Anfals 10 Ayats• Recite this during the first hour of Sunday Morning
  8. Give a blow on you and your spouse
  9. Finally, tie the piece of cloth with a pink string
  10. Tie the cloth to a fruitful tree in a manner that it can move freely with the wind

Soon you see the results and positive effects in your married life.

Dua For Reconciliation Between Husband And Wife

You see your spouse generally as a partner with whom you have a love connection. However, your spouse is more than your partner. He/she is your friend in the first place. This added tinge of friendship in relation adds to the bonding factor.

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Furthermore, the brewing of friendship between husband and wife is the best solution for a long-lasting marriage. Thus, for your matrimonial bond to be healthy and capable, you must add the element of friendship unto it.

This, the bond of love and friendship, however, faces the test of time. Even the most durable relationship between husband and wife face difficult times. The strength of your bond of love and friendship is tested in such times.

In such cases, you need to act smartly and not emotionally. A quick action during this face is a thousand times better than lamenting afterward. However, what can be that option?

Dua for reconciliation between husband and wife is the solution that you must opt for. As a result of performing the dua, you can revitalize the bond of love and friendship with your spouse.

The process to perform Dua for reconciliation between husband and wife is as follows:

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • In the first place take a bath
  • Wear neat clothes
  • To begin with, recite:

“Du`a Dawood Alisalam Allahumma layyin

qalbi fulan ibne fulan kama layyintal hadida

li syedina Da’ud alayhis ‘salam’”

  • Recite this for a total of 100 times
  • Finally, recite Ya Wadud
  • Recite this for 100 times

Results would soon be on your side.

Dua To Remove Differences Between Husband And Wife

Many a time’s matrimonial bonds face a rough and deserted face. Your relation with your husband or wife may witness troubles. These troubles can arise as a result of several reasons.

Generally, these troubles are triggered by differences between you and your spouse. The differences can be of many types say for instance difference of thoughts, thinking, personality, etc.

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In this case, what matters is the resolution of trouble irrespective of the cause and type of difference. Thus, responding to the situation quickly and effectively is the need of the hour.

Well, it’s apparent that you would like to act at present rather than crying on the spilled milk later. Though your partner might not be willing to take steps to remove differences, you should be up to the task.

The question that might be in your mind is how. How can you solve the situation on your own? The answer to your query is Dua to remove differences between husband and wife.

Performing Dua to remove differences between husband and wife would soon vanish out all the differences. Your bond of love with spouse would restore to its best.

The process to perform Dua to remove differences between husband and wife is as follows:

  • Perform a fresh Wudu in the first place
  • To begin with clean wear clothes
  • Take some water in a bowl
  • Now, start reciting:

“Wal Kazimeenal Ghaiza Wal Aafeena

Anninaasi Wallaho Yohibbul Mohsineen”

  • Recite this verse for a total of 100 times
  • Recite this regularly after performing each times Namaz
  • Give three blows on water after each 100 recitation
  • Finally, drink three sips of this water and make your spouse drink the same amount
  • Regularly perform this for 45 days

Soon you would be able to see the results.

Dua For Misunderstanding Between Husband And Wife

Disagreement is the last thing that you would want to have in your relationship with your spouse. Generally, the most prominent reason for divorce and involvement is a misunderstanding.

The brewing of misunderstanding in your marital relation subsequently affects the trust. You or your partner starts to feel the trust deficit as a result of a dispute.

Thus, to clarify things on time is a useful idea that you must opt for. However, this option might not be explorable in all cases. In a situation where the space for dialogue is narrowed down, you need to opt for some other solution.

In this case, simple talks don’t work. You need something substantial to bring you the desired results. A solution that is sustainable and effective at the same time. A solution that can bring long term stability to your matrimonial relation.

Dua for misunderstanding between husband and wife is that effective solution. Dua for dispute between husband and wife has the potential to bring desired results.

As a result of performing the dua, you can feel the freshness of love and trust in your marital bond.

The process to perform Dua for misunderstanding between husband and wife is as follows:

  • Take a glass of water in the first place
  • To begin with, complete your daily Namaz routine
  • Recite:

“Waal Kaazmieenal Ghaaizaa

Waal Aafeenaa Aaninaasi

Wallho Yohibbul Mohsinee”

  • Recite this for a total of 100 times
  • Recite this after the performance of each time’s Namaz
  • Blow on the glass of water after each 100 recitations
  • Finally, drink three drops of water and make your spouse drink the same amount of it
  • Regularly perform this dua for 45 days

You would soon start to feel the difference in your married life.

Dua For Husband And Wife To Get Back Together

Dua For Husband And Wife To Get Back Together, Husband and wife relationship considered one of the most sacred relations on this earth, where both the couples take promises and commitments of living together for a whole lifetime, even in times of ups and downs.

Here their relation is considered as precious one, with all of the blessings from their family. We are glad that we do have benefits from our elders and benefits from our mighty Allah. However, after all the help from our family and Allah, couples face a lot of problems due to misunderstandings and other issues.

Relation of husband and wife is so sensitive that it can get a break at any time if any minor mishappening happens. Due to such plight, many of their known ones put oil into the fire, or at the time of conflicts, they extend it more rather than solving it.

Marriage life is not easy to fulfill, as it requires a lot of effort, dedication, and love, attention. Couples usually spend their whole life to make their relationship better and useful; however, not every time they get succeed in the same.

Marriage is a relation, which is mandatory in our society if an individual is not married. Our community sees that person with bad intentions like he has committed any sin.

Therefore, before getting into the knot or thread of marriage relationship, always check your consent. Whether you prepared for such a big step or not. As such the main stage may make your life

Dua For Husband And Wife Problems

Dua For Husband And Wife Problems, The problem arises in every other relationship. Still, it does not mean that you will take a hard action for your life, which may ruin your relationship forever, where you will get upset for a complete experience.

Problems mean challenges and challenges bring experience in your life, which assist you further from committing any sin. Marriage life is beautiful because here, a person is always next to your side in the times of your ups and downs, which is ready to assist you, who is there to give you shoulder, who holds your hand, who embraces you.

But only fortunate guys know the happiness of married life; otherwise, most of the married couples are making adjustments in their life, more sacrifices, and fewer achievements, which eventually makes your relationship weaker.

Roots of husband and wife develop with their love. If they do not love one another, then they can’t stay in a relationship. To make their relationship sustainable, they need to love one another with their hearts. Otherwise, problems will start getting arising, which leads to their relationship on the path of destruction or worse than it.

How To Remove Problems From Husband And Wife Relationship?

For those who do not want any further conflicts in their relation, then we are going to give you a brief about Islamic dua, which will assist you in improving your relationship. Recite following dua for your problems:

Wal KaaziMinaalGhayiza Wal Aafinaa

AnninaAasiWallahuYohib Bul Mohsin

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband And Wife, Love is a root in all relationships. It makes your bond stronger and longer with its intensity and purity; it will never make you cry.  However, due to some morons definition of love has changed due to internal matters. This may bring your relationship at the end of the shore.

If you love a person, then confess it to him or her because you never know how much time it will take to make everything better with a healthy environment. But lucky are those who have such dreamy relationships in their life. Otherwise, in most cases, one partner always left alone with pending hopes, which will never go to fulfill due to little relation.

Love does not sell on shops in the market. Neither it can sprinkle in your food. You need to develop a feeling inside your heart, which is known as affection. Affection helps an individual to bring love in a relationship.

Love can increase through conflicts, healthy conflicts. Because through battles, you get the chance to know more about each another as well as allows you to make your relationship better and make you one another.

How To Increase Love In A Relationship?

For those who are lacking in their relationship and want to enhance the spice of love in your connection, we will suggest an Islamic dua that will increase enjoyment in your relationship. Recite following dua for increment in love

Bismillaah Hey Alwasao


Dua For A Married Couple Having Problems

Dua For A Married Couple Having Problems, As we have already discussed, conflicts between a married couple are regular though disputes daily are not typical as it will lead you towards the path of divorce or worse than this.

Marriage base on lots of efforts, compromises, sacrifices, dedication, achievements, and many other factors. Though most of you do not know the value of it, you will gain your experience once you get married.

Marriage has lots of faces and phases which give you experience for your whole lifetime. It teaches you to become the right person in life. It helps you to get up from the floor. Thus, it raises your standard when you meet a suitable life partner who is your soulmate.

Never trust others if you have faith in your partner because it may ruin your relation by creating misunderstandings in the relationship. Always build strong confidence in your love because he or she is the only one who holds your hand for a whole lifetime, who will stand there for you in the times of your need.

Keep making faith. Give more attention to your partner; give more time. Sit together, and solve the matters together, find their solutions.

How To Solve Problems In A Relationship?

If you rid off of daily conflicts, then perform the following solution, which we are going to provide you. Recite following Islamic dua to get rid off from everyday problems

Wal KaaziMinaalGhayiza Wal AafinaaAnnina

AasiWallahuYohib Bul Mohsin.

Islamic Dua To Extend Love In Husband Heart

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