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Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife, Love and attention of the husband are all that a wife desires. Marriage as an institution goes ineffective when love and attraction are lost. A wife is referred to as the better half of the husband. However, in absence of the love from husband the better half is left isolated.

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As a woman and more so as a wife you might have felt a lack of attraction from your partner towards you. Loss of attraction is a symbol of dying love in the relationship. As a wife, you would not like the love of your husband for you to diminish.

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife

Dua To Attract Husband Towards Wife

A reason for the loss of love and attraction of your husband can be his attraction toward someone else. Many a time we have seen married men drifting towards other women. As a wife, this would be the last thing you would want in your relation.

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A marriage can’t sustain for long if the husband is not interested in the wife. Actions are to be taken immediately when the signs of dying love surface. What can I do in such case? This question might trouble you if you are going through such a phase.

Well letting go your husband is not an option for sure. What can be done so as to bring that charm, love, and attraction back? The answer is dua.

Islamic dua to attract husband

Dua to attract husband towards wife is the logical solution to your problem. The performing of dua is effective on multiple fronts. Dua to attract husband towards wife can bring results when:

  • The decay of love starts in the relationship
  • The husband is in awe of some other women
  • tensions in relationship prosper
  • the space of talking between the partners is narrowing down
  • someone with evil intentions is eyeing your matrimonial relation

The dua to attract husband towards wife has the capacity to bring results instantly. When you perform dua, you attract blessings of Almighty. Dua to attract husband towards wife would restore the relationship back to normal. Dua can be performed as and when you feel the need.

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You must note one thing before performing dua. The thing is that you should not use it for evil intentions. Say for example:

  • Attracting married men
  • Taking revenge from a women
  • To get a married woman by destabilizing her marriage
  • For other personal gains other than attracting love and attention of husband.

Remember that only a pious and genuine attempt at performing dua can bring you desired results. Dua is a one tried and trusted method. In the modern world when love is dying fast in relationships this dua is the only remedy.

Effects of dua to attract husband towards wife

As a performer of dua, you must have full faith in it. Without faith in the dua, you would not be able to perform it effectively. To do away all the doubts it is important to make you aware of the effects of dua. That is how dua to attract husband towards wife works.

The dua to attract husband towards wife when performed as per defined process can only be effective. Following the defined process and procedure is very important to get instant solutions. Before getting into the process of dua lets first understand its effects.

Dua to attract husband towards wife works by:

  • Igniting the charm of husband toward wife
  • Driving the love of husband
  • Taking over the effect of attraction towards other women
  • Removing the shadow of someone’s evil intentions
  • Inviting the blessings of Almighty (Allah)
  • Building trust in relation
  • According to sustainability to the marriage

The dua to attract husband towards wife carries the pious energy of Allah unto you and your family. Believing in it and performing it as per procedure is the best thing you can do.

The process to perform dua to attract husband towards wife

It is very important for the performer to know the process of dua. Dua without procedure is like a car without an engine. So, to perform dua to attract husband towards wife adhere to the defined procedure.

The process to perform dua is as follows:

  • Perform of dua shall perform Wudu
  • Get two Almonds
  • Perform Isah-salah (the evening prayer)
  • Take out your tongue and place both the almonds on it
  • Start imagining the face of your husband
  • Take a photograph of the husband for ease of imagination
  • Recite Darood for a total of eleven times
  • Now, open chapter 16 of the Holy Quran
  • Move to Ayat 39
  • Recite this line from Ayat 39 chapter 16 of the Holy Quran:

“Wa-always ‘Alayklama’habbatanminneewalitusnna-‘a ‘alaA’aynee”.

  • Recite this for a total of about 500 times in one sitting
  • Open your mouth and take out the almonds form your tongue
  • Give them a blow ( perform dum on them)
  • Perform Dum after each set of 100 recitations as a part of recitation of ayat for 500 times
  • Perform dum on almonds for a total of five times during the process
  • As soon as you are done with recitation and performing dum take out the almonds
  • Place them in a clean piece of paper or cloth
  • Do not clean and wash the almonds
  • Take out from your mouth and straight away place on clean paper or cloth
  • Repeat the whole process (right from step 1 Wudu)
  • Do this for a total of five days without a miss
  • After five days make your husband eat the almonds
  • Do not serve almonds to your husband in some hot dish
  • Do not give almonds to the husband for direct consumption
  • A cold sweet dish is a better option for your husband to consume the almonds

Inshallah, the love and attraction for you would resurface in your husband. The dua to attract husband towards wife would show promising results.

If you are performing any kind of dua for the very first time it is advisable to take some help or guidance. Maulavi and astrologers can be the best guide to help you out. If someone in the family knows about dua then take her help.

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