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Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband

Wazifa to get divorce from husband, is for those women who have given their everything to a relationship and inspite of that are going through hell, facing all sorts of troubles with husband and in-lawsIn every relationship, there comes a time when the honeymoon period gets over. And then couples start showing their ugly side. Troubles start in the relationship. Most of the times, these troubles help us to grow as an individual. But sometimes these troubles get too overwhelming and daunting, leaving us feeling trapped and suffocating.

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband

If you are going through one such relationship and want to get a divorce from your husband, then try using the wazifa to get divorce from husband.

Istikhara dua for divorce

But before you consider this option, try every way to mend the relationship. Often times, the conflict in a relationship is because of misunderstanding and lack of proper communication. You had loved the man once. You might have seen something good in him. If now for some reason, he is behaving differently then try to find out the reason and see if you can bring peace to your relationship. It’s always a better option to mend a relationship than breaking it. But if you have done everything and see no scope of any reconciliation then go ahead and use the wazifa to get divorce from husband

It’s a painful process to end a relationship. It takes everything from an individual to get into a relationship and dedicated oneself entirely. And when the relationship breaks it destroys our confidence and leaves us shattered. Yet there’s always hope when you decide to get out of a troubling relationship. Perform the wazifa to get divorce from husband and take charge of your life again.

Divorce often takes a toll on both people in the relationship. The legalities of divorce turn couples into enemies causing stress for families involved. If you are sure that the relationship with your husband cannot improve and need to end, but for some reason, he is making it difficult to get the divorce, then perform the wazifa to get divorce from husband.

Istikhara to leave husband

Your husband may have reasons to oppose your decision. People rarely realize where they go wrong in the relationship and how they hurt the other person. He may believe, that you deserve what you are getting from him. His atrocities, his insults and even in some case physical assault. Even in the case, your husband is not the one causing trouble, rather it’s the in-laws, still, the problem is the same. As a husband, your partner is supposed to protect you from such agonies and sorrows. If he is choosing to be neutral not wanting to hurt his family and letting you suffer, he’s failing on his commitment to you. In such case too, you are entitled to use the wazifa to get divorce from husband.

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband

Wazifa to Get Divorce from Husband

Allah never wants his children to suffer like this. However, Allah will also not support a wrongful desire. You must be a devout individual who does 5 times namaz every day and has followed on the path of Allah. Then Allah will surely bless your wish and grant you freedom from a troubled relationship. Whatever your feelings were while getting into this relationship, if you know longer feel the same, then it’s time you use the wazifa to get divorce from husband.


  • This wazifahas to be performed before going to bed.
  • Take a bath, wear fresh clothes and do wuzu properly
  • Begin the wazifa by reading 2 Rakats.
  • For the firstRakat, read Surah Al-Kafirun and for the second Rakat, read Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Now proceed by reading Darood Shareef, 11 times consequently
  • Now chant the following dua 41 times.

“allahummasalli ala muhammadiwwa ala aalimuhammadin kamaasallaita ala ibrahimawa ala aaliibrahimainna kahamidummajid”

  • Now, concluded by readingDarood Shareef again, 11 times consequently
  • Finally, pray to Allah to ease your troubles and relieved you from the troubled relationship.
  • Thank Allah and go to bed.

Dua for getting talaq

Do not perform this wazifa during menses.  If you need any consultation on performing the wazifa to get divorce from husband,speak to the local moulvi. Some priests are Islamic astrologers themselves, or the moulvi will refer you to one. An Islamic Astrologer can better decide on how to perform the wazifa to get divorce from husband after knowing your situation.

If for any reason, you see challenges in performing this wazifa, you can always ask the Astrologer to provide you with a Taveez. This will have the same result as you do it. Being at an In-laws house, there are challenges in doing the ritual. And the ritual needs to be performed flawlessly. So, it’s better, either you do it correctly yourself or ask the Astrologer to do it for you and provide you with a Taveez, that you can wear to protect yourself.

Share your problems with these religious experts and they will help you from getting out of a troubled marriage. With Allah’s blessing, you will have a happy life thereafter.

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