Wazifa To Attract Customers

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Wazifa To Attract Customers

Wazifa To Attract Customers or dua for business to prosper can be use to increase customers. Our surah for business improvement is most powerful for solve all business related problems.

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Customer is the king. Keeping your loyal customers happy and attracting new ones into your business is the goal of every business person or company. We go to ends to satisfy the customer’s needs. Although to keep them hooked, we fulfill their desires.

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Even a huge sum of money is spent in the form of advertising and marketing to grab the attention of the people online and offline. Social media posts, blogs, and sites are created for the purpose.

Wazifa To Attract Customers

Wazifa To Attract Customers

There ways to increase, customers suggested by various strategists, magazines, and experts. Indeed, no one can help us improve barakah in our business venture better than Allah. so use our Wazifa To Attract Customers.

Here are a few additional steps, you can to help you increase prosperity in your business apart from reciting the daily salah:

  • Follow the sunnah: Smile. It’s a sunn, h. Talk to your customers in a pleasing improv elective Communication is the heart of the business.
  • Hep: Help a needy in the form of sadaqah and zakat.
  • Be grateful: No matter the financial conditions of your business always be thankful to the Almighty.
  • Reading durood increases abundance.
  • Reciting surah waqi’ah: It prevents starvation.
  • Surah Yaseenthe : It is the heart of the Holy Qur’an and can fulfill your (halal) desires. Reciting it can help in ease financial difficulties.
  • Repent thankfully: It is a must to repent for the sins that we commit knowingly and unknowingly as it cools Allah’s anger and prevents us from the all so Holy f struggles and poverty. Read Astaghfaar frequently.
  • Always read special supplications to attract customers and increase sustenance.

Dua For Business To Prosper

Dua For Business To Prosper, Starting a business may seem alluring and profitable. But once you jump into the bandwagon, the reality looks different. We are facing various challenges in business Monday to day bases.

Reaching long term as well as short term goal is a challenge. The future is never satisfied. The management of the employees, financial struggles, customer satisfaction, to name a few. With ever-increasing of the competition from rivals add extra weight on the head of people in the business.

One should not forget to strengthen his or relationship with Allah in times of financial stress. A person conducting any form of halal business can seek blessings from Allah for the well-being of himself and his family through the abundance of wealth. One who raises his hands, the mighty never returns him empty-handed.

The following dua shall help the business to prosper: It is very useful and must be we must recite with full trust in Allah.


Allahumma akfini bi-halalika ‘an

haramika, wa aghnini bi

fadhlika amman siwaka.”

According to Tirmidhi-3563, Hazrat Ali may (Allah be pleased with him) reported that our prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) taught his followers to make the dua to Allah that, Allah! ‘Make Your lawful bounties’, that means.

“provide me with halal subsistence that is enough for me; so as a result, prevent me from the unlawful (haram), and make me adequate with your graces, to make me unbound from the need of anyone else, except You (Allah).”

Surah For Business Improvement

Surah For Business Improvement, Today everyone is looking for barakah (prosperity) in their businesses.

What is Barakah

Barakah means growth and abundance in all aspects of a person’s life, something that is limitless. Barakah yields huge amount of benefits that last longer, which cannot be measured in worldly forms. Its effect is based on human’s actions.

Hence It is not limited to increase in numbers like, for example, increase in cash, but an increase in wealth and lifestyle in such a way that empowers the growth of the individual as a whole. The verses from the Holy Quran have the potential to increase abundance and increase barakah in business.

Although to work for your business improvement, one must recite surah Al Waqiah. Surah Waqiah is the 56thchapter and comprises 96 verses. Surah Al Waqiah is a short surah and quick to read. This surah is one of the pearls of the Quran.

It has been proven various times in various cases that it helps in increasing rizq of the person and prevents him from facing starvation. According to scholars it is advised to read Surah Waaqiah at a particular time of the day. That is, between Maghrib and Isha. (as per Ibn Sunni-620)

The Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) said, “Surah Al Waaqia is the surah of wealth.”He advised his followers to recite Surah Al Waqiah and to teach the surah to our children. He even instructed his daughters to describe the beautiful surah.

Reciting Quran has healing powers and makes one capable of strengthening the financial conditions of the house in which it is recited. All members of the house can read the surah for business improvement.

 Wazifa To Increase Customers

Are you in stress?

Are you not reaching your sales goals?

And, do you feel you are not getting enough customers or clients for your business because of the competitors?

Fret not!

Wazifa To Increase Customers, We have formulated a beautiful and effective wazifa to increase the number of customers  As a result, with the increasing number of businesses being set up every day, the competition in the corporate world is getting stiff. However, no practical help is higher than that of Allah’s.

Wazifa 1

  • You can perform the wazifa any time of the day, after any salah.
  • Then, recite surah Fatiha 7 times before and after reciting the dua.
  • “Ya Razzaqu, urzuqni, halaalan tayyibah.”

Meaning: Oh giver of sustenance, grant me rizq that is Permissible (halal) and pure.

Wazifa 2

Another effective Wazifa:

  • One must perform wazifa after maghrib salah
  • Recite Surah Fatiha
  • And, then recite surah Al waqiah seven times
  • Then read durood before and after the dua.
  • And we need to recite the following dua a hundred times.
  • “La tudriku hul absarawa yudri qul absarawa uwallah tifual khabeeru.”
  • Make supplication regarding the prosperity and increase of customers sincerely to Allah.

Hope you find peace and success in your financial endeavors from this wazifa to increase customers. If one remembers Allah at the time of abundance, He reminds you at the time distress. It is a beautiful promise from our Creator.

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