Dua To Break Engagement

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Dua To Break Engagement

Dua To Break Engagement or to end someone engagement can be use for breaking lover engagement. For fast result you can use our dua to convince parents to break engagement.

Marriage is important for everybody. There is a certain age when everyone has to marry and continue a married life. But, the first thing that comes to our mind is who to marry.

Safe Wazifa To Break Someone Engagement in 21 Days

Undoubtedly, marrying the right person is critically important. After all, it is concerned with your life and future. Hence, marrying the person of your own choice is best for you.

Dua To Break Engagement

Dua To Break Engagement

But, not everyone gets the chance to choose their life partners. Most of the boys and girls live unbounded with their families. All the decision is being taken by the family without even knowing whether the boy or girl is happy with that decision or not.

Your life isn’t worth it if you can’t decide on your own. All your dreams break at once, and your desires turn into ashes. Most importantly, you lose faith and feel the relationship pointless.

As a result of which there is no love lost between the married couple. And the married life comes to futility where there is left nothing but arguments. It affects both of the families in a negative way.

If your parents are not listening to you and want you to marry a person of their choice, then you must go for the most effective way. Islam has the solution for such kind of problems. In case if you are engaged forcefully, our dua to break engagement can help you out.

Dua To End Someone Engagement

Dua To End Someone Engagement, Have your parents fixed your marriage with someone? Is that person whom you don’t know? Are you not happy with their decisions? Is your family pressurizing you to marry? Do you want to break your engagement? If yes, you are not the right page.

If your lover is marrying the other person due to his/ her family pressure, our dua to end someone engagement can benefit you. As we have mentioned earlier, you decide to make. And in many scenarios, your lover might face a similar problem with his/ her family.

Here is the following procedure for the dua to end someone engagement:

  1. First of all, you must have to be the genuine servant of the almighty Allah by performing the prayers of the five times a day.
  2. Then, get up in the middle of the night.
  3. After you have awakened up, make sure to take a bath with either hot or cold water.
  4. Do the ablution followed by the bath.
  5. Then, you must have to pray the TahajjudNamaz.
  6. While you pray, think of the good things so that you can escape from the evil thoughts coming in your mind.
  7. Keep your heart clean and intention genuine.
  8. Imagine the Almighty Allah in front of you watching over you.
  9. After you have completed the TahajjudNamaz, take the holy Quran, and open the surah al Ikhlaas.
  10. Start reciting the surah.
  11. After that, make dua to the almighty Allah.

Make prayers passionately and with your heart for getting the benefits of dua to end someone engagement.

Dua For Breaking Lover Engagement

Dua For Breaking Lover Engagement, Nothing is painful than watching your lover engaging with someone else. You might have tried your best to make things right, but when it comes to a family decision, your lover might not make further efforts to save your relationship.

But, we have an alternative way which is more effective than you have imagined. It is nothing but the Islamic way. Hence, we brought you the most powerful dua for breaking lover engagement.

  1. First of all, you must have to offer prayers of all the five times a day.
  2. If you do not pray five times a day, you won’t qualify the criteria to become a true Muslim.
  3. Get your mind made up and try to offer prayers without missing out a single time of prayers.
  4. Make sure your purpose is genuine and honest.
  5. You must have good intentions in your mind.
  6. The thing you must have to do before starting the dua for breaking lover engagement is making ablution.
  7. After that, you are clean to perform the whole procedure.
  8. We have come up with the simplest dua that is easy to perform.
  9. The required dua has been mentioned below.
  10. Hence, the dua is Hasbun Allah huwani mal wakil.
  11. But, before starting the recitation, you have to find a perfect place.
  12. Find such a place where you have the peace of mind.
  13. Keep that place close to nature so that you can connect with the Almighty Allah.
  14. Spread the Jaa e Namaz at the chosen place.
  15. Then, sit by making yourself comfortable.
  16. Now, you must recite the dua mentioned above for a hundred times.
  17. You can use Tasbeeh for accuracy.

Dua To Convince Parents To Break The Engagement

Dua To Convince Parents To Break The Engagement, Undoubtedly, convincing is not easy, but it is hardest when it comes to satisfying your own family to break engagement.

Here is the following step by step solution for the dua to convince parents to break engagement:

  1. Most importantly, you must become the beloved of the almighty Allah.
  2. For this, you should be spending most of your time in prayers.
  3. Try never to miss any time of the prayers in a day.
  4. Offer the prayers that are meant to be done in the midnight that isTahajjudNamaz.
  5. This will bring you closer to the almighty Allah.
  6. In this way, Allah will shower the rain of mercy on you.
  7. After the TahajjudNamaz, do the recitation of the Holy Quran.
  8. Indulge yourself in doing Zikra.
  9. Zikra means remembering the almighty Allah by reciting his name.

We believe in the divine power and have faith in the Almighty Allah. Our search for the best dua has yielded many powerful remedies to your problems.

Hence, it would be best for you to imply such in your life to escape from the hazards that hinder your will to live a healthy and joyful life. Consult our astrologers for any details regarding the dua to convince parents to break the engagement.

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