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Ruqyah For Blocked Financial Income

Ruqyah For Blocked Financial Income, Like car needs fuel to run we all need money to survive and time is that cycle which assures us that things wouldn’t be the same as always. Our fathers have been working hard day and night just to make one day different from the other, may be better than it.

Are you not studying hard to get a better job and to be in a better position one day? Our mothers saves the money by compromising her own needs. My point of telling you this is that no one becomes rich overnight, it takes a lot of time and effort to reach a certain point. Even Ambani’s have to go all through that.

Ruqyah For Blocked Financial Income

Ruqyah For Blocked Financial Income

But people have all the wrong idea about this and if a person is living a humble and happy life, they get jealous. Whatever you are earning and whatever they are earning is all part of the hard work and your respective destinies and no one gets more than what they deserve or Allah has written for them. Unfortunately, there is an evil both inside and outside us. That outside evil can be controlled by Allah alone but the inside evil that is our jealousy and envy can be controlled by us alone.

Ruqyah To Recover Blocked Money

There are many cases and may be with you too, that it was fine all this while and suddenly due to bad health and many reasons, you lost your job or your business got stuck out of nowhere. And then slowly, there is a break on everything and now your job or your business which was the only source of your steady income is gone, there is a lock on your shop. And no matter how hard you try or do, but things doesn’t go in your favor and now along with you, your family is also suffering and worst your children too.

There can be many reasons for this, that the financial blockade that you are currently suffering from is due to the evil or demonic eye or you have just become the victim of someone’s jealousy. Or worst you are having the jinn trouble. As these non-worldly forces are all around us and can see us constantly and it is only us who cannot see them.

Unfortunately, for unknown reason and even if we don’t want them to trouble us, they get in our ways and block our life. The good part here is Allah is all around you and me and no matter what, how hard it may seem, everything will be fine. Firstly, I suggest you to become absolutely regular with your salah and don’t rush through it.

Powerful ruqyah for rizq

as there is no point to be in a hurry in front of someone who is our ultimate destination. If you are certain that you are under such blockade and your financial income is facing such hurdles, then there is indeed solution to your problem.

We all our surrounded by bad people and the bad forces who comes in our way even if we haven’t done anything. The key here is to have a little patience and stay faithful to Allah as he is the only solution to your problem. If he has given you one, certainly he is the one to take you out.

Ruqyah for blocked financial income- RUQYAH in today’s terms can be called ISLAMIC EXORCISM or a way to ward of the evil. When there is the jinn trouble or evil effect in somebody’s life then it is being usually used. But, there are certain misconceptions about it, which I would like to clear here as you are already in a trouble and I don’t want you to land in the bigger one.

There are many hoax outside who are ready to fool you and make money out of your troubles. Ruqyah usually have all sorts of chants and nonsense mantras, mind you this form of ruqyah is not approved in Islam and only that ruqyah which has Islamic and quranic duas, is only approved and indeed legitimate. That ruqyah can help you and pull you out of your trouble.

Ruqyah for money and wealth

There is consensus among the Islamic scholars that only that form of Ruqyah is approved which satisfies the following three conditions:

  • To be with Allah’s words or his name or his attributes.
  • To be in Arabic or in intelligible meaning; that you should understand what you are reciting.
  • Believing that true benefit is from Allah alone and no other being.

Your Ruqyah should not involve the shirk and you should not take help from the magician or the soothsayer as they can fool you and cannot help you.

Ruqyah to remove the blockage.

It has no fixed process if you are looking for one but you can recite the following surahs as number times as you want to end your trouble.

Firstly, recite Aytalkursi as many times as you want and do that throughout the day. Allah has also given us the key of Estigfaar, and it is also suggested that you recite it as many a times as you can.

After every namaz of yours, recite the three keys which Allah sent to our prophet when he went through the similar trouble in his life; they are the four kuls, Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah Al-Falaq, Surah An-Naas and Surah Al-Kafirun. You can recite them after your every namaz and should do that first thing in the morning.

Also, when you go to your work place then do recite Yaseen shareef or Al-BaqrahThe procedure to Al – Baqrah is that, you should break it in three parts and recite it for three days in a week and then repeat the procedure from the other week.

You should also recite Sural Falaq and blow it on the water, sprinkle it on the four corners of your shop or in your office place and Inshallah you will soon see yourself out of this trouble.

And you can always take help of some assured Islamic scholar, the one who is trustable as he will guide you for the better. May you trouble end soon. Ameen.

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