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Making Dua For Enemy To Die
Making Dua For Enemy To Die

Making Dua For Enemy To Die

Making Dua For Enemy To Die or duas for enemies death is our premium service, in this category we will provide you wazifa to make enemy sick and death. If you want to get wazifa to kill enemy in three days then ask to us.

Nobody has been thoroughly describing what human feelings are. Loves, anger, happiness, hate, jealousy, are some of the prominent examples of human emotions. There are good feelings in human beings as well as bad also. Having some lousy feeling or stress is good, but when this becomes out of control, then it poses a big threat to the health of human beings.

Making Dua For Enemy To Die
Making Dua For Enemy To Die

One of the worst and bad feelings which even melt your blood in hate and jealousy. There are different reasons why one person becomes jealous of others; one reason can be that the person who is jealous of another cannot see the success of other people. He hates his progress, prosperity, and health.

Sometimes some people are suspicious of others because they are insecure in the presence of them. Resentful towards another person can move away from his/her heart after some time. But all are not the same in this matter some people are so jealous of others that they even cannot wait to harm that person within a time.

A person who is jealous towards you starts to execute his/her plans to hurt your or to harm you and your family in one or the other way. This type of people can be very close to you, or they can be in your neighbor. They formally act towards you as they are your best friends and have good feelings towards you.

But on the other end, they form their inner heart; they are so much jealous towards you that they even want to eradicate your health and wealth. Their eye is very dangerous towards you. They keep on trying to know everything about you. Contact us to Making Dua For Enemy To Die.

Duas For Enemies Death

Duas For Enemies Death, Jealous towards you by your enemies can be towards you on different things. Such as they are jealous of your family, your father, and mother, you, your lover, and also towards your wealth and health. They can try to destroy your marriage through black magic. If you have recently tied a knot with your lover.

He/she can make every effort to destroy your marriage.  can do black magic to your professional life as well. try to ruin your career and make you financially weak. These people often work hard to destroy you financially, such that you will not be able to recover from it. Some can even try to use death black magic spell on you so that you will die.

So to take revenge from those persons, there are Duas For Enemies Death them doing this or to give them a warning. Some people say that hate is not a good thing, but if we look from our experience, we can say that it is the best thing to warn your enemies. They cannot realize how it hurt when you lost something they can recognize those things only when they come in the same situation.  Here is the Duas For Enemies Death;

  • First of all, take the photo of your enemy and also one puppet made from the husk.
  • Then two iron nails and one red cloth.
  • Spread red cloth at your front and place husk on red cloth.
  • Now place the photo of your enemy on red cloth and prick two nails on the picture and into red cloth.
  • Now put the given spells on this combination for 131 times

Spells are as under; Take the weapons out of the well, to my enemy go to hell and die mote it to be. Blow this on the puppet and cover the creature with red cloth. Burry, this cloth under a tree in a lonely place.

Note: you have to cast these spells only on Friday. Do not cast theses spells twice on the same person on the same day. Do not look back towards the place where you have buried the puppet inside the earth.

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death

Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death, Everybody wishes that his/her family should be happy and prosperous in every way. Every person wants to create ways to make their family happy. They do more hard work to make their family beautiful.

It often happens when you have achieved success in the fields of your business, education, career, etc your enemies cannot see this. They try everything to hurt you and halt your success. make every arrangement to stop your progress. try to destroy everything that belongs to you.

Another thing is that they can also try to break down your marriage. They can even try to raise disputes between you and your family.

From every end, their only goal is to stop your success. If you are in the same situation ad, you fear that your enemies can harm you and your family. Do not worry;Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death the best solution to get rid of your enemy’s policy to hurt you. Here is the Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death;

  • First of all, make wadu and after you have to make wadu recite Durood Shareef 8 times.
  • Recite two rakats of Nafl Nimaz a din the first rakat of nafl nimaz after Surah Fatiha recite Surah Alam Nushreh lak an din the second rakat recite Surah Al fil after surah Fatiha.
  • Before you have to start the nimaz, keep the image of your enemy in your mind and after the nimaz pray Allah to make your enemy sick.
  • Nothing is possible without Allah and insah Allah; your wish will be fulfilled by Allah soon.
  • Keep doing this wazifa consecutively for 30 days.

By performing this Wazifa To Make Enemy Sick And Death, you can make your enemies sick and can protect yourself and your family from your enemies.

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days, Your enemy is so much jealous of you that he/she will get satisfied by destroying your health and wealth only .your enemy wants to see your dead body. He/she keeps on trying different things to do this as you come to know that your enemy is trying to do these things. So to protect yourself and your family should want to kill him immediately and destroy his/her confidence. Here is Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days.

  • Get an owl and sacrifice it and get his blood.
  • Now put his blood on a new knife and write the name of your enemy and his/her mother with this blood.
  • Then at last read surah Yaseen on it for 41 times and put it in Quran where the salam word comes.
  • And Now your enemy will be killed in 3 days.

Ayat To Protect From Enemy

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