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Islamic Prayer to Get Back Lost Love – Isn’t your heart has that special place which is filled with the memories of your previous love. The love which is now gone, but still lingers in your dreams. Which comes to you as a flash, whenever you cross roads or visit places, reminds you of the times which you spent together. But, unfortunately life is not just to all of us. At times it take away things and people which are the dearest to us, no matter how bad we want to hold on to them.

Islamic Prayer to Get Back Lost Love

Islamic Prayer to Get Back Lost Love

Have you lost your love too? Is he or her; is no more in your life? And, you desperately want them back in your life, then inshallah you will able to win them back over. Allah knows us better than anybody else, even more than our mothers and even aware of our deepest of desires. So, hold on and have some patience. Keep your intentions good and most importantly stay on the right path. Allah will never support you in something which is not legitimate.

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At times, such things put you in a precarious condition and force you to make some difficult choices. For examples, there is no family support or they have separated you both. Or there were such circumstances which arose or you have done something which compelled your partner or your ex to leave. I think before doing anything, think about all those things first which you have done wrong or which made your love leave.

Islamic dua to bring back lost love

Love is invisible but we are surrounded by it all the time. It comes to us in various forms. But, there is coming of age kind of love which changes us through and through. It makes us feel special, make changes in us, we start to dress in a different way or do everything differently. We go that extra mile for our love, spend money for them, and make their wishes come true or do anything which make them happy. And one day suddenly when everything seem to go fine, our beloved leave us for absolutely no reason. He or she stop returning or receiving the calls, stop meeting us, ignore us or worst get involves with someone else.

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They leave us for no reason and we stay behind wondering what went wrong, what did we do? We began to punish ourselves for absolutely no reason, cut ourselves from our family. Due to this more than us, people around us suffer the most, our work or studies suffer and in a way we lose ourselves.

When Allah is there for you there is no need to take such extreme measures. Have faith on him and on you too, this is not the end of the world. Pray to Allah for all your legitimate needs and Allah will grant it to you in no time. No matter what has happened previously there is no need to think ill about your ex. Do not make this an issue of your ego as that way no good would happen to you or anybody else.

Islamic Prayer to Get Back Lost Love

Islamic Prayer to Get Back Lost Love

Dua to get back your lost love:

This one is short ant and an effective dua which will help you to get back your love.

                “Aahabba kallazi Aahbaytani lahu”

  • Recite the above dua for 31 times before going to sleep and pray to Allah to complete your incomplete love story.

Also, along with this, read “Ya haqqi la illahaha antaa subhhanaka inni kuntu minalazzeena. And, Inshallah you will get the result and will turn the heart of you love back to you.

Dua to get love back in 3 days

“Allaho kafi Al Kafi Al Kafi wa Kassad Hol Kaafi wa jaddahul kaafi be Kaafi yal kaafi wa kafa niyal kaafi wa ni’mal kaafi wa lillahil hamdoo”


  • Recite this Dua after the morning and night prayers.
  • First, recite the Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  • And, again after reciting the dua, read Durood Shareef again for 11 times.

Allah will see you efforts and desperation and after reading this dua he will bring your lover back to you.

Powerful quranic dua to get love back

To get your lost love back and keep it forever with you recite the following powerful dua:

“Hasbunallahu waa la namal wakel,Qwata illa billahi wa naseer”.

Now after this, in your namaz repeat the following 4 tasbih

  • Allahu akbar, 93 times daily
  • Allhamdulilah 74 times daily
  • Subhanallah 74 times daily
  • Laallaha illallaha 93 times daily

This will surely bring your lost love back in your life.

Also, if you ex or lost love is reachable to you then you can bring him or her, their favorite dish.

  • Then recite bismillahir rahmanir rahim for 100 times and make your beloved it and inshallah you will definitely see the result.

Now, what matters the most is your clean and noble intention. You should not be seeking your love for some revenge or it has become it has become a matter of your ego. Nothing is hidden from Allah and he will surely punish you for your bad deeds. So, if something like this is lying somewhere at the back of your mind, just clear it out right away or else you are going to do your bad only.

Strong dua to bring lost love back

Allah is the magnificent one and he is the keeper of all our desires. He has all the solutions to our troubles. He can fill the gaps between two hearts; make the heart of the rock to melt. Go to him daily; be regular with your namaz. Ask him your doubts and he will in return clear the mist of your mind. But, most importantly, he knows the best for you. So, despite all your efforts the person you desire doesn’t come back to you then maybe it is in your better interest. May be Allah has decided a better match for you. Do not push and become stubborn here and learn to get the signals. When you leave everything to Allah then Allah will inshallah make sure to give you the best. Ameen, may Allah do the same for you.

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