Dua For Hardship In Life

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Dua For Hardship In Life

Dua For Hardship In Life or for removing hardship in marriage can be use to overcome difficulties. We will provide you dua for strength during difficult times to remove hardship in life. Dua is one of the essential parts of our lives.

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It is a well-proven tool that can give you a feeling of relaxation in times of trouble. Dua also provides us with the courage to fight with the new challenges in our life. Even science has also proven that reciting dua during troubles lowers the blood pressure of a person and gives him a soothing effect.

Dua For Hardship In Life

Dua For Hardship In Life

The holy book of the Quran contains dua for hardship in life that you can recite in times when you are in trouble. You can recite the verse 21:87 of the Quran. It says you are a forgiver and forgive me if I do wrong.

You can also recite the Sunnen Tirmdhi number 3524, which directly ask Allah for help and mercy. The Sahi Ibn Hibban number 970 also is the dua to ask Allah to make your difficulties easy.

As the above mention dua, there is plenty more dua that you can recite during difficulties. Also, take care to recite the dua by taking a fresh ablution and with full dedication. Remember that depression, sadness, and stress are the three things that can destroy your life.

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So you should be away from all these three things. Reciting the above-given dua will make you stronger, and after some days, you will notice that you are far from your problems.

Dua For Removing Hardship In Marriage

Dua For Removing Hardship In Marriage, If you are a married couple and facing some difficulties in your marriage,  dua for removing hardship in marriage can be helpful to you. This dua will protect your marriage and bring the couples closer and make them happy. There are several reasons due to which couples face hardships in marriage.

Lack of trust in couples is one of the main reasons. Some spouse also cheats on their partners. Many couples do not have a good understanding between them hence fight for no reason. Sometimes there is also an effect of the negative energy around the couple that does not let them leave in peace. In all such problems, Quranic dua will help you bestowing Allah’s grace on you.

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The process of this dua is as follows. You have to perform the wudu holistically after this fresh wear clothes. Perform the namaz of Zohar. Then take a bowl full of fresh flowers and some sweet dish in your hand. After this, open your Surah Ahzab in the holy book of the Quran. Then recite the dua peacefully and with full concentration.

The dua is “Maa kaana Muhammaddun, Abaa Ahaadim Mirr Riijalukum Walakir Raasulallahii Wa Khatamaan Naabiyyina Waa, Kaanal Lahu Bikulii Shaaiyin Alimaan.” Continue the procedure by reciting this dua forty times and for seven days.

Then offer the same flowers and sweets to your spouse each day after performing this dua. This will make you and your partner love stronger, and thus, you will not face any problems in your married life. This dua will also help you to protect from the external forces who want to destroy your marriage.

Dua To Overcome Difficulties

Dua To Overcome Difficulties, We all know both happiness and problems surround life. Every day can bring us new joy or some challenge. Many of the cowards are not ready to face such challenges in their life and goes under depression or commits suicide.

This dua to overcome difficulties can help you to fight the problems you face in your life. There are many of the Dua written in the holy book of the Quran that can remove any of your questions.

This dua can eliminate all sorts of problems such as financial, divorce, health, and many more. These duas you will get to read in the holy book of Quran. The verses 2:153, 21:87, 17:111, 18:10 are all given to overcome your difficulties.

It is also advisable that a person in problems has to pray more apart from their daily prayers. They should ask Allah for his guidance forgiveness and to give you strength in these difficult times.

You can also try the dua to remove the stress that is Dua al-kafiroon or the Al Palaq. These are also some of the most useful verses of the Koran, and they work perfectly to remove all your stress.

You should read these verses together with the holy book of the Quran. They should be read for at least a hundred times for seven regular days without any break. Females can take breaks if they are in their periods.

The combined powers of both the above two verses will not only help you to overcome your difficulties but keep your mind tension free.

Dua For Strength During Difficult Times

Dua For Strength During Difficult Times, Whenever you face any of the hardships, you come up with three scenarios of life. First, you try to escape from the challenge. You run for the money as you think it will solve all your problems. Thirdly, at last, you pray to Allah for his blessings and help. This dua for strength during difficult times helps you to overcome such difficulties.

By making dua to Allah you are free from all kinds of depression and the feeling that you have lost all your hope. You can also follow the below mention procedure, which will give you more strength.

The first way is to stick to prayer five times a day. You should never miss a Salah. Pray your best and with full sincerity. Never be in a hurry while performing your prayer. Also, read the Quran, which will give you peace of mind. You should directly open your heart towards Allah and tell him all your fears.

Give lots of charity in your difficult times. This will push your hardships far. In case you do not have enough money, then offer food, clothes or help people physically or emotionally.

Always remember that you should never let any feeling of evil or depression in your mind. You should also set your goal about how to come up with this difficulty.

Always wake up early and work on your plans and read the Quran. Following all the above mention dua and procedures, Allah will give you enough strength to cope up in your difficult times.

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