dua for peace and love in the family

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Dua For Peace And Love In The Family

Dua For Peace And Love In The Family, Peace and stability for your family is the most desirous thing. The family is our strength. Family happens to be an emotion rather than a group of individuals. For us, our family is the most cherished possession. To make our loved ones happy is something priceless.

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A family when together acts as a unit. A unit for sharing love and bond. Without family, we all are just individuals. It is the family with whom you love to spend time. Thus, a family is an integral part of your life.

To keep the family bond intact and to maintain peace and love is not that easy. Conflict among family members, lack of coordination, and lack of time for each other are some common issues. If ignored these issues get wider. The result of which is a faction.

dua for peace and love in the family

dua for peace and love in the family

As a member of the family, you want things to be stable. You put in all that is required. To maintain peace and love you agree to the common will of the family. However, still, peace and love are seen missing.

Prayer for peace and love in family

You may be doing all right but what about others. Other members of your family must also think the same way. There are many reasons when peace and love in the family are seen diminishing. Some of these reasons can be:

  • Property related dispute
  • Conflict with parents on matters like the choice of marriage
  • Business-related conflict
  • Ego related conflict
  • Conflict among women of the family
  • second Conflict between brothers
  • third Conflict between sisters
  • A rift in the relationship of parents

In such a situation, you can’t do much. You have done all the right things yet peace and love are not prospering in the family. Losing heart is one obvious reaction from your side in such situations.

However, this would be the last thing you want. Instead of losing heart you can get an effective solution. Dua is the answer to your queries.

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Dua for peace and love in the family helps in bringing your family situations back on track. The dua in the family would revitalize your family bond. Performing dua in the family with full faith would bring results.

Faith in dua for peace and love in the family is one important pre-condition. If you don’t have faith in dua then it’s better not to perform the same. The dua channelizes energy from your belief. The stronger your faith and belief the effect the results would be.

Another crucial element of dua is the procedure. Adherence to the procedure prescribed for dua is necessary. Dua for peace and love in the family being a holy process requires sanctity of performance.

Perform dua for peace and love in the family with a pure heart and mind. Have faith in dua for peace and love in the family. The results would be visible in a short span of time.

Effects of Dua for peace and love in the family  

Dua carries the wording from the holy Quran. It brings the love of Almighty (Allah) upon you. The faith in your heart empowers the effects of dua.

The dua for peace and love in the family brings a holistic effect on the stability front. The cherished bond of the family would again be strengthened. The Dua works by:

  • Cutting down the conflict among family members
  • Eliminating barriers like ego from the heart of family members
  • Creating concern for each other
  • According to the goodness of health to the family
  • Creating co-ordination among family members
  • Creating stability in the family bonds
  • Protecting against negative energy
  • Destroying the effect of the evil doer
  • Bringing back love and compassion for each other
  • Nurturing of love

With these effects dua for peace and love in the family comes as an ultimate solution. The long term and sustainable effects of dua create a voice for its adoption. If you are serious about your family then this is your solution.

Performing dua for peace and love in the family

Performing dua requires the understanding of the process. Without process, you cannot perform dua. To dispel your doubts and to let you know the process we would now discuss the same.

If you want to perform dua for peace and love in the family then stick to the process. The process to perform dua in the family is as follows:

  • Take a full body bath
  • Wear washed clothes
  • Sit in a suitable place
  • Recite Surah Al-Falaq
  • Now, Recite An-Naas
  • While reciting pray for peace and love in your family
  • Recite both of them for 100 times in a single sitting
  • Now recite the word Bismillah
  • Recite the word for 100 times
  • now Recite Durood-e-Shareef after that
  • then Recite it for 10 times
  • Perform this dua (from step 1) for a total of 40 days without a gap

Some more Duas

  • Recite the dua:

A’oodhu bilLaahi min ash-Shaytaan ir-Rajeem

  • Recite for 100 times in one sitting
  • Recite dua:

Bismillaahi arqeeka min kulli shay’in yu’dheeka, min share kulli nafsin aw ‘ayin haasid Allaahu yashfeek, bismillah creek

  • Recite it for 100 times in a single sitting
  • Recite the dua:

A’oodhu bi kalimaat Allaah al-taammah min kulli shaytaanin wa haammah wa min kulli ‘aynin laammah

  • Recite the dua:

Bismillahilladhi la yadurru ma’ ismihi shai’un fil-ardi wa-la fissamaa’i wa huwa al-Samee’u al-‘Aleem

Points to be noted

  • Dua can be performed by both men and women
  • The Duas mentioned above can be performed in addition
  • Guidance of an expert can also be sought
  • Perform the dua more than once in a day
  • You can perform dua along with daily namaaz
  • The dua must be performed in a quiet place

The performance of dua in the family is bound to bring results. Inshallah, peace would be upon your family.

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